New kid on the block

Hot off the presses! There's a new pram in town. 

Rozibaby landed in my inbox this afternoon and I have to say I was intrigued. 
It seems my friends, that we finally have a well priced, stylish, and Australian designed answer to the Bugaboo (which is ridiculously overpriced in my humble opinion). 
She's Aussie owned and operated which gets a big thumbs up from us! (though there's no sign of a clue about where she might be built... Probably not Sweden at this price I dare say.) A model like the one pictured will set you back a meagre $665! That's really affordable compared to the rest of the market right? There are basinette options available like this...

...and the price doesn't change much either - still well under $800! I'd be very interested to see the actual pram and give it a good test run before I recommended it but hello - so far she looks pretty good! What do you think?


  1. Looks absolutely fab and love the chartreuse colour. We'll be looking for a new pram shortly (especially with the bassinet option) and while I loved the look of the bugaboo, I couldn't justify the cost to myself. An Australian design - even better!

  2. Love it - great to see an Australian-made pram taking it to the Bugaboo!


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