Christmas wrap mood board inspiration

Perhaps this may seem a little premature? But this is what I do every year. Come October I'm all about Christmas. I start planning who I'm buying for, what I'll give them and how everything will be wrapped. Sounds organised doesn't it? Well, the pattern goes something like this... by mid december it all unravels - nothing's finished, I have loads to do and nothing ends up as great as I had planned. But now I'm onto myself! This year will be different! They say the first step to breaking the cycle is recognising the cycle - or something like that? So here I go, christmas wrapping mood board... And I won't stop planning this perfect christmas until it's done done done!

The paper.
Just $14.95 at InkyCo for a 10 metre roll! 
These two are both in a lovely avocado green and the typo one is silver as well - very christmas.
One of each please! And a roll of plain white gloss in case I run out...

The ribbon. 
For ribbon, the best online prices I've found so are at Ribbons Galore. But these are the types I think will look best with the wrapping paper and these ones are also available from InkyCo (I love the combination packages! So easy!). What do you think?


  1. My Christmas time line seems to be just like yours! I also put lots of effort into planning early and still end up rushed at the end. I love your wrapping paper and ribbon selections. I especially like the black. I have a black Christmas Tree (with silver and glass decorations and cool white lights), so black and silver might be my theme this year...though it's usually my 1st November shopping trip to David Jones that provides the final inspiration!

  2. Hahah! Glad it's not just me then! It's the initial good intentions that really matter don't you think? That tree sounds decadent! Send me a picture! I don't think I could have a black tree - I'd probably drool on it every time I walked past it! It sounds completely divine! x


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