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The DIY safety gate you'd actually want in your home...

Need to kid-proof a danger zone at your place? Finding the available options a little cringe-worthy on the design front? Well, here's a great little DIY from Blue Ant Studios that you'll be proud to hang and it won't leave you unhinged financially either! Hop over here for the step by step...

Free plans: Little Helper Tower

Today's project comes courtesy of my gorgeous and talented friend Vanessa (and her handy helper, Rowan), who is a lot more Martha than she gives herself credit for...
Look what my handy hubby whipped up for me on the weekend (paint job by yours truly). 
It's a "Little Helper" aka a "Fun Pod". These retail for upwards of $300 - well beyond our budget, so I found some plans and Mark made one for me for a fraction of the cost. What is it then? It's a safe structure for kids to stand on while working at high benches like in the kitchen. 
MUCH safer than the stool we've been using! 
As if it wasn't good enough already, it folds people! It becomes all thin and Kate Moss-ish so you can slide it away beside the fridge... behind the door... wherever you like really! Loving. 
Pretty good isn't she? And there's lots more where that came from let me tell you! I'm twisting her skinny right arm to do more posts for you all. Get the plans for this one here.

Stroller safety stripes

These mightn't be very fun or very pretty, but they are very clever. Wagalum pram reflectors are a must-have item if you find yourself out and about after dark with the pram. They increase visibility from something like 30 to 150 metres, and that gives even a crazy P-plater driving too fast in a residential street time to slow down... (not that all P-platers do that. No, I'm sure they don't...) I sound like such a mother!

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