The Block 2012 - Room Reveal controversy

Well! Anyone who watched The Block last night would already know what a controversial week it's been in St Kilda. Dan and Dani have found their way up everyones noses breaking rules and being generally the self-centred win-at-all-costs couple that they are (do you sense I don't like them much?)

In case you missed it - hop over here for a rundown of their antics through the week...

And now for the room reveals!

First up, The Boys...
I agree with the judges, overstyled. And personally, I think there was too much marble. Not a fan of their room this week. Though when it comes to finishes, their standard is probably the highest of all the couples.

Dan and Dani's effort I have to admit is quite stunning. It could easily have won, and I suspect it didn't only for their late night misbehaviour. Beautiful room, gorgeous styling - the girl has got a talent... but I'm sooooo glad they didn't win.

Sophie and Dale were a bit of a surprise package with their clean lines and apparent lack of vintage charm this week. Nice room but missing some of the warmth and character I've come to love in their previous efforts...

And of course, the winners... Brad and Lara really deserved the win this week with all the problems they overcame to deliver their room. But it was a surprise to me. I really was expecting those obnoxious creatures at #4 to take the prize again this week. What did you think? Was this room really better than Dan and Dani's? Or was it a silent act of retribution on the behalf of the judges for what they did the night before? I'm dying to hear what you thought....


  1. I just finished watching the show in Iceland..yes I know Iceland...And I too was puzzled, I thought Dan and Dani did an amazing job and the styling was much better then Lara and Brad...but did the judges know about the noise thing?? and what happened in season number three where the fitness couple ( cant remember their names) got some help painting then they did get disqualified hmmmm. I think 1000 dollars for that was too little so maybe the judges knew about this...but I am very happy they did not win although I kind of liked their room the best...o no:/
    Sophie and Dale are my number 1:) I love their style:)

  2. I definitely agree with you guys. I was watching it in England, because the British version was discontinued, an Dan and Dani's was the best


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