Clever storage - 5 ways...

It's been a slow process, but I've now learnt that the key to keeping things tidy is to have good storage systems in place. Well, that and selling my children. Here are 5 clever storage solutions in kids spaces. Ideas people! Here for the taking!

1. Custom built beds.
A great way to maximise storage in the kids rooms. Not only does a custom design like this utilise all that under-bed space that usually goes to waste, but it creates space that kids can access easily and teaches them to be responsible for their own tidiness. And if you're thinking it looks expensive, think again. A decent cabinet maker should be able to put something like this together in your home for a price on par with most new single beds... Check your local classified section or ask friends for recommendations of carpenters and cabinet makers they've worked with or know in our area.

2. Bins!
These lovely white bins are from Ikea. They go for about $29 and I can tell you - they're great toy storage. We have one full of Lego Duplo. The boys actually love packing away when they finish playing because of the resounding tinny crashing sound the lego makes as it goes in the bin... You can use them for just about anything, soft toys, cars, dolls, dressups...

3. New space.
Again with the customised bedding option, but this time it's in a converted roof space! I'm dying to do this to our place. It's a big job converting your roof like this and can be expensive. But the beauty of this project is that it can be broken down into stages. Fitting an attic ladder - not too hard... Putting down some blue board for a floor - doable. Insulating - foul but achieveable... and so on. Okay, there's a bit more to it in some cases, but you get what I mean right? Call in the big guns for the bits that are too hard to tackle yourself. Take your time and be patient and before you know it you'll have a huge extra room to play with! It'll add value to your property and maybe even save you having to move!!!

4. Way up high
Don't discount the rafters! Creating storage that goes right to the ceiling saves you a dust trap, makes a great display area and it's safely out of reach of wee ones for delicate bits and bobs or things you don't need to access often. We have a similar situation in the boys room and this is the spot where we keep their memory cases - they have a vintage suitcase each filled with baby photos, tickets to football games and wiggles concerts and the like...

5. Divide and conquer.
Open shelving is a good solution for large areas. A shelving unit like this does double duty as a vast storage space as well as dividing the sleep area fro the play area. Attractive cane baskets store toys in categories (until the kids mess it up again), and you can even custom make the fabric liners for these to coordinate with your room decor. For example, you might want to line the baskets to match your Frankie Sofas!

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