DIY: Old fashioned swing

Since both my boys have long outgrown their Fisher Price toddler swing, we've really missed having the swing element in our garden for them to play on. So a couple of weeks ago, I sold the punching bag that nobody has ever punched, and headed off to Bunnings to buy some materials to utilise the hooks on our verandah...

All you need is:
600mm piece of treated pine (this one was a section of a warped offcut that I snapped up for $8 at the local timberyard)
10m roll of strong sisal rope
5m roll of cotton sash cord
4 loop ended bolts
2 shackels

Step 1. I stained my pine with some left over teak stain from another project and finished the timber with a light spray estapol to help protect it from the weather. 
Step 2. Next I drilled 4 holes equal distance from each corner of the timber and slipped the loop bolts through fixing them with a nut from underneath.
Step 3. Cut the sisal into two equal lengths and feed one piece through each shackel. 
Step 4. Now twist the rope against itself to create a stronger single length of rope and tie the ends to the two loop bolts on one end of the swing seat. Repeat on the other side.
Step 5. Finally to finish, wrap the sash cord as a binding around the area where little ones hands will hold on as they swing. This will prevent them getting ropeburn from the rough sisal and also protect the sisal from wear.

Tip: It's a good idea to use a spirit level to make sure your swing is hanging evenly and straight.

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