Look what I made! June issue Home Beautiful

It's that time again - Home Beautiful Weekend Decorator! These are my projects as they appear in the June issue of Home Beautiful On sale NOW!

I have to say, these are my favourite 3 so far. The shelves are a project I blogged about here some time ago and have been dying to give them a go! THey were as easy as I thought they would be and I just love the result. Painting the timber slats and posts before putting it all together made it a really quick project.

The desk file is made from 3 decorative brackets (the kind you buy at Bunnings in the timber section - they're usually used for vernadahs on cottages and the like...)

And the table - The table. This one is close to my heart. I don't think the pictures really do it justice. I bought it on eBay for just $20, lovingly sanded it back with my trusty sander, chose some gorgeous greys and blues to paint the legs and stained the top in Teak. The decorative type was simply printed onto A3 paper and cut with a blade to create a stencil, laid on top of the table in position and I used a dry brush to dab the paint on a little at a time (you don't want the brush too heavily loaded with paint as it will soak the paper and bleed paint onto your project. Just go little by little and layer it up until you get the desired coverage) then remove your stencil. You can finish it with a clear water-based varnish if you like but I've left mine raw just because I like the effect.

I think the reason I love this one so much is that the table was so ugly! It had a yellowy/orange varnish all over it, paint splats on the top - even a burn mark! Yet it's features were so pretty. I fell for the scalloped cross beam under the top immediately. It's a classic example of breathing new life into an old unloved beauty - and that is why I love doing these projects. In a way, I guess I'm saving lives. (well, the lives of old furniture pieces)....

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