The Block: Room reveal Week 2

As a fan of Sophie and Dale's vintage style on Channel 9's The Block this year, tonight's Room Reveal was a hands down win in my book. Unlike last week, they found a beautiful balance between the Luxe and the old with their master suite. I just adore the Maison Jar lighting Sophie has used in both rooms so far and the distressed doors they used for their bedhead looks fantastic. If only all old doors had such gorgeous colours in their layers of paint... But my favourite part of the design was the bedside tables. Sophie used a found dresser with Queen Anne legs and had it split down the middle to create two matching side tables which were then attached to the wall with their legs at the front. Very clever. Very sylish. Take a look around... Do you think they deserved to win? I'm happy the boys won though, as long as it wasn't that awful Dan and Dani couple! Soooo arrogant. I'll enjoy disliking them this year...


  1. oh this was my favourite room by far! Clever, stylish, resourceful. Adore the bedhead. Adore every last detail.

  2. I loved this as well. I was a bit disappointed that the judges went with the brothers as it just looked like a hotel room or a department store showroom bedroom to me. x


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