Sneak peek: Mariah's Nursery

I can only imagine what it would be like to have so much money that nothing was beyond my reach. As much as we all like to think we'd remain tasteful and stylish, I'm sure the majority of us would make one or two style blunders. Especially when time is so limited and a lot of the decor decisions are left to a decorator  (whose taste probably doesn't mirror your own...).

Well it seems this is true for a number of celebrities when it comes to the styling of the nursery for their babies. And while some of them are a bit OTT/tasteless/gaudy, they are great to look at... Here's the offering of Mariah Carey...

Mariah Carey, who is due on May 14 with twins has reportedly spent a whopping $100 000US on this little setup. She says, "Sometimes I just sit in the nursery and stare at the ceiling because I love it so much. To me, it symbolizes wanting my children to dream as big as possible and to let their imaginations be unbridled." Click here to read more of the Life & Style interview.

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