Pea Popsicles

I didn't quite believe my friend when she told me about this idea she'd seen over at OhDeeDoh
but gave it a go knowing how much my boys like to eat frozen peas frozen... 
I couldn't quite believe the reception this healthy treat got! 

I got them involved in the process of making them and nearly fell off my bar stool when Hugh asked if he could have his pea iceblock for dessert! Take a look at the scoff-fest! Huge success! And super easy! Give it a whirl and tell me how you go!


  1. I can't believe this actually works! I have a great story you could cover on your blog. Do you have a direct email from which I can contact you?

    My email is:


  2. I showed the pictures to my son and said, "hey, check out this popsicle! What do you think?" I called it a green popsicle but he said right away, "it's a pea popsicle". I asked him if he wanted to try it, and my boy, who claims to "hate" peas, gave an enthusiastic "Yes!". Guess I know what I'll be preparing later.

  3. Yay! You'll have to report back with results! Good luck! X


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