The Big Reveal: The Boys Bedroom

After an enormous amount of deliberation, research and mind-changing, the boys bedroom - I'm pleased to say - is done! Done, done, done. Have a look - tell me what you think...
Originally, we were going to go with bunks that could be split in two, but after one or two horror stories about face plants and broken noses (thanks Nat), we decided to go with twin singles (at least for now). I found these in a massive floor stock clearance at Sleep City and painted them in Ship Chandler by The Society Inc which is a lovely charcoal grey blackboard paint that gives a gorgeous velvet-like ultra-matt finish which I'm completely in love with. We haven't mentioned to the boys that their beds are blackboards - I think I might lose it if they start drawing on them... The red wall hooks need to be repainted to go with the grey theme but we're nearly there and I was itching to show you how it all looks.
I moved the Noosh Gigi Alphabet from it's old home (below) to a random scatter design above the picture rail as inspired by the way Lilly & Lolly have it displayed in their new store which you can see here. I think it looks a bit more sophisticated like this and works well with the "big boy beds".
I've strung star shaped LED fairly lights around their bedheads (below) which are their new night lights and I switch them off before I go to bed. The lighthouse is a lamp I picked up at Rozelle secondhand market for $20. The boys love it. And the bedding, my husband chose. He found it in a sale and came home with it knowing I was going with grey as the colour scheme. Completely out of character but really nice - he must have been excited about the room makeover which came as a complete surprise to me...
So, what do you think? 


  1. It looks amazing. I love the new arrangement for the Gigi Alphabet and the placement of the Ampersand is, I think, my favourite part of the entire room. Just brilliant. Pappa Noosh did a great job with that bedding too. The colours are perfect.

  2. Fabulous!!! Your little men must be thrilled! I so love how you have done the alphabet letters on the wall and as for that lighthouse lamp ... sigh!!!! What a find! xx

  3. I have just found your blog this morning and absolutely loving it! I especially love your boys bedroom here. I have exactly the same colours for my 3 year old even down to the exact doona cover. I will have to send you some photos.

  4. I have only recently found your blog and I am addicted to say the least. Then I found your boys bedroom makeover and couldn't believeit. It has a very similar colour scheme, exact same quilt cover. Will have to send you some photos of our bedroom.

    1. Hi Jen! Welcome to Nooshtown and thanks for your lovely words. We must have similar tastes! I'd LOVE you to send me some pictures of your room - I bet I'll love it!


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