Grey and pink nursery

Grey is my number one favourite colour right now. Our whole house is undergoing a (slow) transformation at the moment and grey tones are prominent. The best thing about grey is that it sits so well with everything and any colour next to it "pops". Pink and grey is especially good...
Those display shelves are cute cute cute! And how much do we love that geometric print on the floor cushion?

The gallery wall works so well with the focus on black and white prints.


  1. Love this! what color grey did you use? I love it but am having a hard time finding a nice grey like this one. If you could share I would be so grateful!

  2. Hi kdalmonia! Your perfect shade of grey will be a combination of the paint colour you use and the amount of light you get in the room as well as if it's direct light of reflected light as reflected light will be less yellow than direct sunlight. Also, believe it or not, the part of the world you're in has an impact as well - Nordic light is much more pure white than here in Australia. Try this link to Apartment Therapy where they offer some nice grey solutions They'll also be US brands and easier for you to source. I hope that helps! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you here again soon! Tina.x

  3. Hi Tina,

    I was wondering where you found the fabric for the geometric pillow and bumper? I have been looking for a fabric exactly like this and have been unsuccessful. Thanks, Cathy

  4. Where can I buy the tree sticker displayed in the 'grey and pink nursery' photos displayed above? D.


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