Happy New Year! I'm back!!!!

Hello Hello! And Happy New Year! Did you have a good christmas? I hope Santa was kind. He was super generous at our place this year, but sadly his gestures only extended to the kiddos and my pile of presents didn't tower to the great heights as those of my children. Noosh-hubby did well with his purchases for moi - I scored a delicious chocolate leather bag which I love. It's big enough to double as an overnight bag and of course I fill it... consequently it also doubles as a workout every time I leave the house!

We've had such a lovely break with lots of visits to the pool, beach and seeing friends and family. The Sydney fireworks were a winner with the wee ones, and now the rain has finally disappeared I'm working up a killer tan (which I know is soooo politically incorrect but I need one to feel healthy).

As for resolutions, this year I'm keeping it simple. Sugar is now my enemy. As a Coke drinker with a 2 litres a day habit it's a big ask, but i'm doing well so far and have even dropped 2kgs in 4 days! If that's not an incentive I don't know what is!

I have lots of lovely projects to share with you this year, not least my Home Beautiful transform projects which appear in the magazine each month starting from the January issue which is on sale now! The cover f the issue is pictured below and as soon as I get back to work on monday I'll post a couple of pics of the actual projects I did for you. 

Apart from those though, there'll be plenty of kid crafts, decor ideas and inspirational bits and bobs to keep you entertained plus a few new things too. I'm really looking forward to spending another year with you in your quiet "you" time...


  1. Good luck with the coke! I find cold turkey is the only way for me.
    I quit Diet Coke/Pepsi Max three years ago. You can do it!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Katie! I'm day 5 now and I'm stunned by how well I'm doing (not even a drop of Coke has passed these lips! - though I have to admit I have had a bottle of Coke Zero in the fridge to ward off the caffeine withdrawal (but it tastes so awful I can't see myself getting hooked on that! A 1.25litre has lasted 5 days so far so definitely not a replacement)


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