Meet my new projects!

I'm super excited to be showing you these projects! These are the babies that have had me so busy over the past few months. I call them my babies because they, like my children have made my life feel that little bit more complete. I just love spending my days sanding, spraying and trawling through eBay for a bargain, almost as much as I love Home Beautiful magazine for giving me this new dream job!

The first story is from the January issue which all came and went over christmas, and the second one is in the current issue that's on sale now. (The finished black cabinet is also for sale on eBay at the moment in case you're after a gorgeous art deco black sideboard)

Now these are all very easy to do and the results are instant gratification in all of its spectacular glory. Why not give one a go this weekend? If you do you have to send me a pic!


  1. Oh you are a clever treasure! Love love love all that I see. You can only guess what I'll be buying that lunch break! x

  2. Oh look at you.. I pulled out the dipped stool and flying ducks for my files to do!!... Love those doily plates... havent had time to sit down with that HB yet xx

  3. Oh thank you you lovely girls! You make my day!


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