Desk yourself out

 In just 2 weeks my big boy will be off to (hopefully) enjoy his first day of big school!
Because of this development in our family life, we've been pondering the new requirement of a space for the boys to do their "work" - be it colouring in or actual school work... And there's no better place to ponder such things than Pinterest! Here are 16 spaces that have my creative juices flowing. My fave is first one for it's expansive work area but it's a bit short on storage for us. That's where 7, 8 and 9 come in... I love that rolling bench seat with storage underneath! Genius! Which ones do you like?


  1. Love that first room too,the carpet is in my favourite colour love it!!! Have a Beautiful weekend xx

  2. Colour is great isn't it? But I've sworn myself off shag pile till I'm an empty nester... Hope you have a great weekend too! x

  3. Big fan of the first photo, clean, crisp, HUGE! I am constantly fighting for space on my desk so the bigger the better!


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