Gaultier for Roche Bobois - how very "Noosh" of you Jean-Paul!

It seems the very fashionable Jean-Paul Gaultier thinks modular sofa's are AOK too! So much so in fact, that he has collaborated with Roche Bobois to create his own signature design for the infamous modular system. You can't get a better seal of approval than that! Here's some more pretty pictures of the Gaultier design to ogle...

...and the ultimate, the Roche Bobois Mah-Jong modular sofa covered in the exquisitely bright and colourful Missoni home fabrics ...
I'm feeling very inspired for Season 2 Noosh right now...

Noosh Christmas orders

Click on the tree to enlarge it...

Now for some inspiration... 

...and if you hurry - we've extended our 10% off offer for a few more days. Shhhh.


Since we launched Noosh last month our Frankie Sofas have received positive praise from industry insiders and customers. 

This little quote from Louise at TableTonic sums up nicely the Frankie proposition

“I just got off the phone to my friend, ex-colleague and fellow graphic designer (another Dolly girl!) Tina, who is launching an amazing website-slash-online-store very soon! It sounded too good not to share, and while I can't say too much at this stage, I will say that all you mummy-decoristas out there are going to worship it. More to come on Monday 1st November, but for now, you would be wise to bookmark ”

and on launch...

“first up is all-Australian online store Noosh, which I alerted you to a while back. In a nutshell, Noosh creates childrens furniture & accessories that are "stylish, playful, practical and affordable". And bonus points for the kiddie-style-laden "Noosh Loves" blog! But enough talk. Have a go at the awesome-ness:”

The gorgeous Steph over at Bondville said -

“Congratulations on your amazing NooshKids range. I am absolutely bowled over by your Frankie modular. I want one for big people!” Steph Bond, Bondville blog

“I Love my Noosh Sofas! When the room is finished I will send you a photo.” Maria, Bronte NSW.

FREE printable christmas tags!

Firstly I have to share with you a blog I've been meaning to tell you about - Creature ComfortsSo many beautiful things! But don't go there yet... I have something lovely for you - and it's free!

Camilla Engman free printable gift tags! That's right - no cost! Nudda. Just download and print! And they are cute cute cute! Camilla is an incredibly talented Swedish artist. You might have seen her work - she's been commissioned by Google, Converse and the New York Times to name a few...
Oh, you might also like the gift tags she did for 2006 and 2007

Found it via Creature Comforts

Upcycle their treasures

You might recall my Pre-christmas clean-out post a couple of weeks ago? Well here's a crafty idea for any bits and pieces you come across that hold too much sentimental value to eliminate. It's the epitome of repurposing! And I love love love it! 

Wooden puzzle pieces are ideal for this as they're easy to drill a hole through for hanging, they'll survive years in storage waiting for christmas, and little fingers can't break them! But there are lots of other toys and toy parts that can be upcycled and repurposed.

How about these for starters:*Sets of memory cards with pieces missing are useless - Using spray adhesive, glue plain coloured paper to the backs of them, punch a hole in one corner for contrasting ribbon and reuse them as gift cards!
*Wooden train engines and trucks make perfect christmas decorations once the kids have outgrown playing with them. Use a tiny loop ended screw in hook in the top of the piece to thread ribbon for hanging and they'll delight each year bringing back fond memories every time!
*Anyone with girls usually has an inordinate collection of glittery wands about the place. Once witchy fairy games are outgrown these can be repurposed into decorations once the stick is removed or even as a present topper with a bow poking through the middle!

Why don't you have a rummage through the throw out pile before it leaves the house to make sure there's nothing there that you can be gluing or screwing at craft time... If you come up with a good one send me a picture or at least tell me about it! I love to hear what you're up to!
Images via ohdeedoh via creature comfort

Saturday morning special

This is what we'll be having for breakfast tomorrow morning. We have the same thing every saturday. We simply call it "special". Once you taste it you'll understand.

To feed a family of four you'll need: 
*8 slices of wholemeal bread sliced for toast
*3 large or 4 small eggs - lightly beaten
*2 tablespoons of butter
*Strawberry jam
*Icing sugar

1. Melt half the butter in a large pan. 
2. Dip your bread into the egg mix and let it soak up a little.
3. Gently place eggy bread into pan and cook both sides until golden.
4. Spread jam onto one side of each slice and make sandwiches.
5. Cut into shapes and serve with a dusting of icing sugar.

On extra special days we use cookie cutters to make stars and hearts. This is a real winner when the boys are sick. No matter how bad the appetite, they'll always eat this...

Reuse & Repurpose - great cheap craft materials

Lovely huh? There's still time to knock one together if you happen to have a thousand spools handy. Places like Reverse Garbage in Sydney often sell things like this for next to nothing. If you aren't in Sydney they have an online store where you can order lots of great craft bits and pieces for kids in small or bulk quantities at super cheap prices and have them delivered to your door anywhere in Australia. How good is that!?? 

I love trips to RG at Marrickville. The kids get so excited rumaging through all the interesting stuff. You never know what you'll find! And that's half the fun!

Upon a fold

Once upon a time there was a stunning website that sold exquisite pieces sourced from all around the globe. The thing that made this store so very special was that every one of these incredible products was made from... paper. The store's name was Upon a Fold...
Created by Justine & Matt, both Graphic designers (so they must be awesome), a husband and wife team based in Sydney with an uncompromising passion for paper. 
How divine? Wishboats.

A popup Ferris Wheel! The detail!

Upon a Fold as featured in Real Living (left) and Home Beautiful (right)

They do a nice little blog as well if you're a papier-o-phile...

Make it: Best Rocky Road EVER!!!

This Rocky Road needs to be tasted to be believed... It's great this time of year because it's SOOOOO super easy to knock together, the kids can help, it tastes divine and when it's wrapped in cellophane it makes a great little gift for teachers and work colleagues...

You'll need: 
*Cooking chocolate - I used two and a half blocks for this one and the half block was dark chocolate that happened to be in the cupboard. You can use normal chocolate if you prefer but I find the Nestle Plainstow cooking chocolate tastes great for this recipe. 
*Marshmallows - for this amount of chocolate you'll need around 300g
*Jelly lollies - I like to use the Natural Confectionery company Snakes. They need to be cut into small pieces and snakes are easy to cut up with a pair of scissors.
*Desicated coconut - about a cup
* Rice bubbles - about one and half cups

1. Melt your chocolate in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water. Remember chocolate and water aren't friends so be careful not to get any water in your chocolate or there'll be no rocky road for you!

2. Once your chocolate is completely melted let it sit for a couple of minutes to cool slightly before adding all of your ingredients otherwise they'll all melt in the heat of your chocolate.

3. Add the coconut and snakes first and mix through.

4. Now add your rice bubbles and marshmallows last. Mix until all ingredients are coated in chocolate and well combined.

5. Pour the mixture into a pre-prepared pan (a lamington tin or roasting dish is perfect) lined with baking paper. Level out and make sure there are no huge holes and it's all filled fairly evenly, then refrigerate.

6. Using a sharp knife (this will work best if you dip the knife in hot water before you make each cut as it will prevent too much crumbling and waste - you don't want to waste any of this baby...) 

Note: The quantities are all fairly negotiable - if you hate jellies - leave them out! Or you can add something else you think might be good in the mix... As long as you melt enough chocolate to cover all the ingredients and everything sticks together you're onto a winner.

All that's left to do is eat it! 

Baking fetish anyone?

The ultimate gift for the baker in your life. This one is available through Bake It Pretty (a US site, so might be cutting it a bit fine for christmas now...) but what a great idea! You could easily put something similar together yourself with a bit of careful selection in the baking aisle - and it's a quirky cost effective gift solution for those people who can be tricky to buy for...

Soooo Gifted

The makers of Creature Comforts have poured their hearts and souls into keyboards to create Gifted. Too much goodness to mention. Go here now - you'll thank me...

Wish list...

I think this would be very happy on my bookshelf. If Santa doesn't have one in his sack I might just have to buy it myself...

raspberry and white chocolate muffins

  • I'm an absolute sucker for anything with berries and chocolate. I stumbled across this on Donna Hay's new website and couldn't resist sharing it. Thought I'd whip up a batch tomorrow...

  • raspberry and white chocolate muffins

    2 cups (300g) plain flour
    2 teaspoons baking powder
    3/4 cup caster sugar
    1 cup sour cream
    2 eggs
    1 teaspoon finely grated lemon rind
    1/3 vegetable oil
    1  1/2 cups frozen raspberries
    1 cup chopped white chocolate

    Preheat oven to 180ºC (355ºF). Line 6 x ¾ cup-capacity (185ml) moulds with non-stick baking paper, making sure the paper is 5mm above the top of the tin. Sift the flour and baking powder into a bowl. Add the sugar and stir to combine. In a separate bowl, combine the sour cream, eggs, lemon rind and oil and whisk together. Stir through the flour mixture until just combined. Carefully fold in the raspberries and chocolate and spoon into the lined moulds. Bake for 40 minutes or until cooked when tested with a skewer. Makes 6.

    Dad presents - 6 Under $25

    Noosh-daddy loves all things "old-school". It's one of the things I love about him - his ability to appreciate the beauty of something simple and less functional than shiny new versions. So yesterday when I found Hickoree's Hard Goods, I knew I was onto a good thing. This US online store is an absolute mecca for 50's style boys toys. Everything from sling shots to face cream. Have a look around!

    Not sure he'd be so into this one but it sounds so Marlbrough Man doesn't it?
    And last but definitely not least, The Original Tree Swing, $45
    Handcrafted in Minnesota from reclaimed elm. 

    This would look great with a potato vine growing down the rope. Potato vine is essentially a weed so it doesn't need much soil to get going, you can often strike a cutting in a small amount of soil in the crook of a tree branch without much trouble as long as you keep it moist. Wouldn't that be pretty....?

    Uber cool house for doll-types...

    I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw this. Stunning architecture. All that glass! How incredible is the double-height, feature stone-work running through the spine of the indoor and outdoor space? Would you believe me if I told you it's a doll house? Honest! I'm flabbergasted! 
    It's called Emerson house and it's available from Brincadada, along with Bennett house, a five-level fantasy pad for plastic people, (with no stairs between levels one and two or between levels four and five as Hugh pointed out to me...).

    Or, if you want to go the whole hog (so to speak) you might like to furnish and populate your new digs with Brincadada's interior vision as well...
    Sadly, his take on the modern family isn't as aesthetically pleasing as his architectural designs...


    Here's seven great blogs I found this week....

    This one is my new fave - Twig & Thistle comes with it's own Etsy store! Need I say more?

    Things Neatly Organised - a blog after my own heart...

    Photo by Stockholm Street Style via 
    via Carolines Mode

    A Cup of Jo - To be taken with a cup of tea...

    And three more goodies you need to check out...

    Etsy's best! Lovely Lockets

    Is it just me or do you end up buying things for yourself when you're supposed to be christmas shopping? I was snooping around the A Cup of Jo blog this morning when I saw this...

    ...and I have to say, she quite literally took my breath away. She's designed by Alyson Fox, her name is Colour Study and you can buy her here at Verabel's etsy store. It is possible that Hugh's rainbow fetish is rubbing off on me but hello!? Isn't she beautiful? I thought so - and yep - I bought her. Noosh-daddy is soooo busy at work I thought I'd be helping him out... 

    You need to hop on over to Etsy and ogle these beauties... 

    If you still need more persuasion, the prices on these are really reasonable, and with the exchange rate being soooo kind at the moment.... Go on! Go!!!!

    DIY of the week: Calendar Wall

    Here's a super easy craft project you can knock over in a weekend and it'll help you keep track of the families engagements and activities. We love a bit of organisation don't we?

    All you need it a tin of blackboard paint, a little white paint (leftover ceiling paint will do - but check to make sure you're mixing acrylic with acrylic or enamel with enamel or you'll end up with a marble wall - which could be good, but not what we're trying to do...), a ruler, a pencil, a roller and chalk.

    1. To set up you'll need to measure out your grid and mark it on the wall using your ruler and pencil. Remember the bigger your family schedule - the bigger your squares will need to be to contain all that info. Whatever the space you're dedicating to the project divide the width by 7 (for the days of the week), and divide the height by the number of rows you want. You'll need at least 5 rows to fit all the dates for each month, but this example has made 6 rows, using the bottom row as a spot to stick notes, invitations, permission slips etc.

    2. Hardest part is done! Using a roller paint the entire square with blackboard paint. (Don't worry - you'll still be able to see the pencil markings through the paint in the right angled light).

    3. Measure out a small amount of blackboard paint and mix in enough white paint to make a dark grey.

    4. Carefully roller this new colour onto randomly selected squares. (you can follow this example for where to put each shade of grey if you aren't feeling confident about ad-libbing)

    5. Follow steps 3 & 4 two more times to create another 2 lighter shades of grey and paint them on until you have a similar grid as the one above.

    6. Once it's all dry, add a border of straight-up black blackboard paint to create a frame and a spot to write in the days of the week.

    7. With chalk, add your dates and activities!

    You can customize this design to suit your family too. You might want to add a black panel down one side for the weekly shopping list, or a list of dates for the birthdays of family and friends so nobody is ever forgotten or missed! This project would be as big a success in the office as in the kitchen too.

    I'd love to see yours if you decide to give it a go! I wish I had a blank wall in my kitchen so I could do one! I guess cupboards are good too...

    Project found via Living Etc

    Strawberry peeps

    Here's a silly little thing I did for the boys. We call them Strawberry Peeps.

    Take 2 strawberries, 1 toothpick, 2 pale coloured lollies for eyes, and a tube of chocolate writing fudge (leftover from the rainbow cake extravaganza).

    Take the tops off your strawberries with a knife, stand one strawberry upside down on it's flat top, stack the second one on top the right way up and stake a toothpick down through the two to hold them in place. Sit one of the tops on the toothpick end as a hat. Using the chocolate writing fudge (available from the cake decorating section at most supermarkets) put a glob on each lolly as glue to stick onto strawberry and finish with another glob on each eye and a line to make a mouth.

    They LOVED them. There were several squeals of delight quickly followed by the consumption of an entire punnet of strawberries... 

    More bed-bingeing

    Oh my giddy aunt! It's a loft bed with storage dream! 
    I LOVE these! I love so many things about this room...
    *More nanna rugs! Possibly even more gorgeous than the vintage find in Style to steal... 
    *The locket mirrors above each bed.
    *The storage the storage the storage...
    *The beech flooring. It gives such a sense of light and space.
    *Pale yellow walls (not normally but...) note how the pale timber sits so beautifully against this hue. 

    Dulux do a really good one similar called Camomile Cream

    Looks good in an adult space as well. And there's no question it would work well in a nursery...

    Dreamy room does have one minor drawback though. 
    It leads me back down the path of the $30,000 attic conversion. 
    If this was our forever house I'd consider it. But it's not. I have dreams about a californian bungalow, on a corner block near the water. (sigh) But we can go into that another time...

    Here's one more stunning bunk solution for good  measure...
    Which one's your favourite?

    Pre-christmas cleanout

    Messy Room sign available from AllPosters

    Do you need one of these signs at your place? I know I do. Neither Noosh-daddy nor I are naturally tidy people. (Clean, definitely. Tidy? We struggle.) And the play room is just a tip at the moment. It would be easy to just allow you to assume my kids have run riot and left their stuff everywhere - but it was essentially my fault... I see that now.  

    Here are OhDeeDoh's  top 5 tips on how to clean out and prepare for the all the christmas gifts coming your childrens' way.

    1. Make piles. I make several piles: dump, donate/give to friends, keep, sell. Our biggest pile is always donate or give to friends. These piles consisted of things that I had doubles of as a result of gifts (including lots of books) or things that weren't age appropriate. Dump was reserved for broken items. Sell ended being an empty pile.
    2. Be ruthless. The only way to truly clean is to be decisive and ruthless. Don't clean while the kids are around. I waited until the kids were asleep to make the assault on the toys. Having them around only means things will be plucked out of piles to save and general messiness.
    3. Get rid of piles immediately. This is where I went wrong! Once you make the piles, you need to MUST deal with them immediately. The donation and dump piles should be taken to their respective destinations. Then reorganize what you've got left and put everything away before stopping.
    4. Use a labelmaker (or handwrite labels). I love my labelmaker and used it constantly while tackling this project. Part of it may have been a bit procrastination but it was rewarding to have everything so well organized and labeled at the end.
    5. Rearrange, but do not buy more storage. To keep things interesting for the kids, move things around. I moved our big train table and drawers upstairs along with all trains and train related accessories. A table and chairs set have taken center stage. Wooden blocks have been moved to a different basket. The play kitchen is now in the dining room. Move things around as much as you like but don't buy more storage pieces. This way you can assess how much room you have. Once those gifts come piling in, you'll know exactly how many can stay. Either store or donate the others.
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