A crafty, joyful, wrap!

This is the Noosh Gigi Alphabet which I originally designed for Hugh's and Noah's bedroom. (I added a mirror to the "o" for this one.) Anyway... I saw a craft project (sorry, can't remember where) that used MDF letters to spell festive words and rather than paint them, they were covered with Christmas paper. Super easy. Super cute. I couldn't resist so I thieved a few letters from the boys wall to create....

...this. See? Decorexic. I can't help myself! I have a compulsive urge to repaint, add to and change things constantly.

I chose some Christmas wrapping paper with bright graphics christmas trees all over it. All you need to do is spray one side of your MDF letters with spray adhesive (available from craft shops and hardware stores), then position it face down on the back of your christmas paper. Using a stanley knife or scalpel if you happen to have one (they're very handy for craft), carefully cut around the edges of your MDF letters using the edge as a guide. Voila!

It now hangs proudly in our living room. I love the idea of using the alphabet as a kind of "stock" of letters that I can borrow from for different projects. (Sorry boys. You'll have it all back on your wall eventually.)

I've been working on another version that I'll share with you soon...

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