Sister acts

Sister Act #1
Have a seat and take a look at these! Sister act Sarah Neilson and Alice Flynn (former stylist at Real Living magazine) have teamed up to create Penny Farthing Design House, a gorgeous collection of furniture, artworks and handmade pieces. The two sisters draw on a long lineage of the creative arts originating with their great-grandmother who crocheted shopping and handbags from old used plastic bags and yarn crocheted blankets, a grandmother with a focus on fashion and their mother teaching them everything from quilting to upholstery. 

I love these folk-esque chairs that scream individual. Can't you just imagine yourself sitting in one each night, the light scent of soap in the air, crisp, clean pyjamas and heavy eyelids - reading stories to heavy-lidded angels at bedtime...

Though my favourite piece in the collection has to be this one. A stunning monochrome piece with a linocut feel created specifically for the little miss or mister in your life. The text across the top tells a brief story about the people, the places and the memories of their own small universe. Divine. 

Penny Farthing designs can be purchased and ordered online here
What a great christmas idea!

Sister Act #2

 My second sibling find is cute cute cute clothing brand And Me Too. I fell in love with these French inspired ruffled skirts at first sight. They're so on trend with the red white and blue nautical mix - how could you go wrong? And owner Natalie is just the loveliest! Check out their site for more sweet Frenchy finds...

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