So cheap it might as well be free.... Funday Sunday

I don't know about you, but our belts are so tight lately that we can barely breathe! What I mean to say is that a dollar has a very different value lately to what it did five years ago.  A lot of it can be attributed to the world economic situation, and for me, some to the fact that I was single and childless then. But one thing is for sure, my disposable income aint what she used to be.... So, I'm always on the lookout for cheap ways to entertain the boys (Papa Noosh included). And this one is awesome!
The Family Funday Sunday ticket has to be the best idea the NSW government has ever had! For only $2.50 per person (kids under 4 travel free) you can ride all the ferries, busses and trains you can handle, all day sunday, every sunday. Pretty fabulous huh? Well, it gets even better because the program reaches beyond the Sydney metro area - it'll even take you to Newcastle and Woollongong!
You can buy your ticket from bus drivers, CityRail stations, ferry ticket offices and authorised newsagents and convenience stores. Tourism NSW are involved as well - they have their own Family Funday page here, with great ideas for places to go and things to see and do in and around Sydney. 

Queens Wharf

I've already scheduled a trip to Newcastle for us to celebrate the first weekend of summer. We're going to check out Merewether Beach, the Bar Beach Rockpools (which I think the boys will LOVE), and of course Queens Wharf with it's waterfront restaurants, and a boutique brewery (which I think Papa Noosh and I will LOVE).... A much more appealing plan than spending the first glorious weekend of summer on Sydney's overcrowded beaches wrestling the beach tent!

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