Style to steal!

It was only a few days ago that I introduced you to Etsy store PomLove in my post Floaty Fluffy Fings. Well, I nearly fell off my chair today when I saw this!

Can we just pause a moment to admire this gobsmackingly gorgeous mix of vintage pieces, handmade details and contemporary cool, cool, cool!!!??? It's about the bed! How much do we love the repurposed antique door casually hung to create a bedhead? Almost as much as the upcycled packing pallets repurposed to create a bed-base! With storage! Sooooo easy! Sooooo so so clever!

I really like the way they've used the mis-matched vintage picture frames to house a very personal display of photos, artworks, prints and things... The crocheted nanna rug suits the colour scheme beautifully and becomes a bit of a centrepiece in the overall look of the room. Not bad for something that can be sourced from an op shop for just a few bucks huh?

And, as I like to do, saving the best till last - notice the PomLove clusters that hang from the ceiling? This is it! This is the room where I could lie and stare at the cloudy puffs of colour floating from the ceiling, lulling me into a deep and restful (yawn) sleep....

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