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If you're familiar with our Noosh range of Frankie Modular Sofas, you'd know that I just love to mix prints.  Bold on bold - not a problem. Bolder on bolder - fabulous! So then you'd understand my attraction to this little collection of patterns. Rich earthy tones, contemporary designs, neautral wall colour and furniture, and even wall art to match. The attention to detail on this combination is something to be admired. I even love the treatment on the floorboards. The rawness of the finish works so well with the natural mix.
If you want to try something like this yourself don't be scared! It's easy! Choose your first pattern. Select one colour from it and make sure this colour repeats in the second print. Keep on going in the same way until you have a mix you're happy with. Try to keep your hard surfaces neautral (ie whites/greys/creams) and splash the colour in with fabrics, curtains, rugs, cushions and linens. Remember: style and design is subjective. If you like it - that's all that matters.
I do want to steal this room though....

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