Shop love: Rockett St George

It's quite a big deal that I'm sharing this. This store is THE. GOODS. Beyond amazing. More than incredible. It's delicious people. DELICIOUS. And even though it's not, it should be called just that. DELICIOUS. Clearly unaware that their store would be quite so amazing, they called it Rocket St George. Nowhere near as catchy. But then again, if they'd called it DELICIOUS people might be led to think they'd be fed there.... Anyway, as a little introduction to the store across the sea (yes, sadly this gem is in the UK friends, but think of the exchange rate!!!), a small selection of gift ideas for small people for christmas...

Magical, invisible (though only if your walls are white), magnetic art display. No art? No problem - you'll be treated to a delightful display of rainbow coloured balls floating across your wall...

Rainbows now being on my radar - thanks to Hugh - this is one I had to include. Possibly not a must have for the regular 4 year old, but Hugh would be more than happy to find them in his stocking... Picnic in the garden for lunch perhaps?

As much as Hugh likes rainbows, I like retro. And this ticks all the boxes for me. 50's design, old-school game (not requiring batteries = major tick). Much nicer than the modern plastic ones!!!

Cutest bunting EVER. 

And the piece de resistance, a blackboard clock! What a great way to teach kids to tell the time! Love. It. All. And there's plenty more where that cam from! Go check it out. They have a flat rate shipping fee to Australia so start writing your christmas list! 

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