Now I know this might sound a bit like an ad space but bear with me. We've just had a nasty bug come through our house like the plague. It struck us down one by one - starting with the smallest in the set, Noah. This little angel is a rough and tumble version of his older brother. He falls down and just gets back up. Where you would expect tears and carry on there's laughter and another fall for good measure. A great quality that'll probably see him wearing the green and gold for the Wallabies in years to come, but for now, it makes it almost impossible to identify an illness until there's a fever of 39 and a cough that makes him sound like a pack-a-day man...

A quick trip to the chemist saw me come home with these little gems. Kool'n'Soothe soft gel sheets for fever are cooling patches that simply stick on your head. Genius! No icepacks, no tired arms from holding a cool cloth in place... just a gel patch that sucks all the heat out and makes you feel better. Read more about them here. And note: they can be cut down to smaller sizes so although there are 4 sheets in the pack, a small head really only fits half a sheet comfortably - now you've got 8!

The other great thing the pharmacist introduced me to was Hydralite. They make these clever ice blocks out of an orange flavoured mix of electrolytes and water - a handy one to have on hand for bouts of gastro, flu and fever.  I've got both in my medicine box - now, how to keep them from wanting to eat them all the time?

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