eBay Goes Green!

Now this has to be one of the coolest green initiatives I've seen a business the size of eBay undertake in like, ever!!!!
Gabrielle over at the Design Mom blog has just done an envy worthy trip to eBay HQ in San Jose (can you imagine???!!!).  Just one of their latest programs is these cool new eBay boxes. They come in 3 sizes and they’re designed to be used 5 times. You can register the box number and track its travels around the country. As an incentive for reusing the box, you can even earn eBay bucks. The best part: the boxes have little spaces where you can leave messages for the next box recipient. Cute! Kind of like a chain letter... or a chinese whisper... actually it's nothing like either of those things but it is cool...

Design Mom

Design Mom

Sadly, at this stage this is something available to US eBayers only. However, being all about proactive as I am, I reckon a bunch of nice and friendly emails to the right people might have an impact if you wanted to see something similar adopted here! 

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