Strawberry peeps

Here's a silly little thing I did for the boys. We call them Strawberry Peeps.

Take 2 strawberries, 1 toothpick, 2 pale coloured lollies for eyes, and a tube of chocolate writing fudge (leftover from the rainbow cake extravaganza).

Take the tops off your strawberries with a knife, stand one strawberry upside down on it's flat top, stack the second one on top the right way up and stake a toothpick down through the two to hold them in place. Sit one of the tops on the toothpick end as a hat. Using the chocolate writing fudge (available from the cake decorating section at most supermarkets) put a glob on each lolly as glue to stick onto strawberry and finish with another glob on each eye and a line to make a mouth.

They LOVED them. There were several squeals of delight quickly followed by the consumption of an entire punnet of strawberries... 

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