Make it: Best Rocky Road EVER!!!

This Rocky Road needs to be tasted to be believed... It's great this time of year because it's SOOOOO super easy to knock together, the kids can help, it tastes divine and when it's wrapped in cellophane it makes a great little gift for teachers and work colleagues...

You'll need: 
*Cooking chocolate - I used two and a half blocks for this one and the half block was dark chocolate that happened to be in the cupboard. You can use normal chocolate if you prefer but I find the Nestle Plainstow cooking chocolate tastes great for this recipe. 
*Marshmallows - for this amount of chocolate you'll need around 300g
*Jelly lollies - I like to use the Natural Confectionery company Snakes. They need to be cut into small pieces and snakes are easy to cut up with a pair of scissors.
*Desicated coconut - about a cup
* Rice bubbles - about one and half cups

1. Melt your chocolate in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water. Remember chocolate and water aren't friends so be careful not to get any water in your chocolate or there'll be no rocky road for you!

2. Once your chocolate is completely melted let it sit for a couple of minutes to cool slightly before adding all of your ingredients otherwise they'll all melt in the heat of your chocolate.

3. Add the coconut and snakes first and mix through.

4. Now add your rice bubbles and marshmallows last. Mix until all ingredients are coated in chocolate and well combined.

5. Pour the mixture into a pre-prepared pan (a lamington tin or roasting dish is perfect) lined with baking paper. Level out and make sure there are no huge holes and it's all filled fairly evenly, then refrigerate.

6. Using a sharp knife (this will work best if you dip the knife in hot water before you make each cut as it will prevent too much crumbling and waste - you don't want to waste any of this baby...) 

Note: The quantities are all fairly negotiable - if you hate jellies - leave them out! Or you can add something else you think might be good in the mix... As long as you melt enough chocolate to cover all the ingredients and everything sticks together you're onto a winner.

All that's left to do is eat it! 

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