Rainbow party fun

While tomorrow is our big "launch" day for Noosh, yesterday was possibly even bigger. It was my little boy Hugh's 4th birthday and the cake was just too amazing not to share. It actually received more attention than the birthday boy himself! Needless to say I was chuffed and it instantly made the hours I spent making it all worthwhile. I had my doubts about his choice of theme for the day and tried really hard to sell him on every other theme I could think of, from Masterchef to halloween, but he was dedicated to the Rainbow. Looking back on it now, it was possibly the most successful party we've had yet - and it was super easy to pull together too. The recipe is here if you're brave enough to give it a crack...
And how gorgeous are my loot bags? Picked those up at Tres Divin (how much do I love that store???!!!) along with some too cute for words christmas bits and pieces I'll be sharing later...


  1. Oh my god that cake is incredible!!

  2. I love that cake! I want one ... now!

  3. You are totally amazing. The rainbow cake is perfect! I can't even imagine how hard it was to cut all those layers, get them straight, get the icing right between the layers, and then ice the whole thing. Job really well done and it looks like Huge is stoked!


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