BOREDOM BUSTER #1: Summer sleepout

The looooong school holiday break is upon us - and we know we're all going to struggle with ideas to keep rug rats entertained. Why not take advantage of the weather and organise a summer sleepout? Kids always love a little place to hang out all of their own. Tents and cubbies are always a winning idea. 
This one was made with a blanket, netting (to keep the pesky mozzies at bay), rope and pegs. 
The must-have sleepout accessories pack includes: torches, snacks, card games, walkie-talkies (if you have them), a backpack for their gear and of course a decent sleeping bag (which is a good investment as there'll be plenty of these little get-togethers through their pre-teen and adolescent years). Always make sure your young guests know you're there for them if they need you whilst giving them the space they need to have a good time.

The sleepout can be a great idea for little ones too. A night under the stars in the backyard with dad can be a night they'll remember well into adulthood.

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