Make it: Dogs & worms for lunch!

This is the lunch I made for H&N today! It's H's new favourite meal (excellent parenting, I know...). As disgusting as it looks, it tastes surprisingly good ok. I thought it was really a bit clever when I first saw it (on a site I can't remember - eek! Sorry!). And it's really very easy to do! In fact, Hugh helped spike the frankfurts. Here's a step by step...
Step 1. Cut frankfurt into roughly 2cm lengths
Step 2. Spike through with raw spaghetti
Step 3. Cook in pot of water just on boiling point.
Step 4. Eat!

Tip: Use the thinest spaghetti you can find or your frankfurt skins will split and that just looks bad...


  1. We made this today as a test run for a birthday party. BIG hit! xxx

  2. That's great! Hope you tasted them too! And I'd love to see pix from the party...


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