Upcycle their treasures

You might recall my Pre-christmas clean-out post a couple of weeks ago? Well here's a crafty idea for any bits and pieces you come across that hold too much sentimental value to eliminate. It's the epitome of repurposing! And I love love love it! 

Wooden puzzle pieces are ideal for this as they're easy to drill a hole through for hanging, they'll survive years in storage waiting for christmas, and little fingers can't break them! But there are lots of other toys and toy parts that can be upcycled and repurposed.

How about these for starters:*Sets of memory cards with pieces missing are useless - Using spray adhesive, glue plain coloured paper to the backs of them, punch a hole in one corner for contrasting ribbon and reuse them as gift cards!
*Wooden train engines and trucks make perfect christmas decorations once the kids have outgrown playing with them. Use a tiny loop ended screw in hook in the top of the piece to thread ribbon for hanging and they'll delight each year bringing back fond memories every time!
*Anyone with girls usually has an inordinate collection of glittery wands about the place. Once witchy fairy games are outgrown these can be repurposed into decorations once the stick is removed or even as a present topper with a bow poking through the middle!

Why don't you have a rummage through the throw out pile before it leaves the house to make sure there's nothing there that you can be gluing or screwing at craft time... If you come up with a good one send me a picture or at least tell me about it! I love to hear what you're up to!
Images via ohdeedoh via creature comfort

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