Dad presents - 6 Under $25

Noosh-daddy loves all things "old-school". It's one of the things I love about him - his ability to appreciate the beauty of something simple and less functional than shiny new versions. So yesterday when I found Hickoree's Hard Goods, I knew I was onto a good thing. This US online store is an absolute mecca for 50's style boys toys. Everything from sling shots to face cream. Have a look around!

Not sure he'd be so into this one but it sounds so Marlbrough Man doesn't it?
And last but definitely not least, The Original Tree Swing, $45
Handcrafted in Minnesota from reclaimed elm. 

This would look great with a potato vine growing down the rope. Potato vine is essentially a weed so it doesn't need much soil to get going, you can often strike a cutting in a small amount of soil in the crook of a tree branch without much trouble as long as you keep it moist. Wouldn't that be pretty....?

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