Bunk love: Part 3

What a great and stylish way to get a shared space to work! This appeals to my taste double time in my favourite colour combo as well! Apparently dad built the beds and hung them himself and they were tested for strength by mum jumping on them...

The silver metal bunk option has never appealed to me but this space has a definite boy feel to it and the palette again is just lovely.

Any boy would love this wouldn't they? Imagine having your own climbing wall in your room! And the punching bag is a great way to get them to vent those hormone surges without damaging the house or their sibs. He'd be most popular boy in school for sure...

This suspended slab looks great but I have no idea how it stays there! I'd be scared I'd find pancake people in the morning! And those walls scream "invitation to draw on the walls" to me. Childbirth makes us so sensible and boring doesn't it?

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