Wicked whites

So I'm discovering that there are one or two bad things about not blogging for a while. The first and worst thing is that now I have come back to it, I've found a gazillion pictures on my desktop that all have a vaguely familiar feeling about them. Now I'm not quite sure if they look familiar to me because I saw them somewhere, liked them and saved them to show you... or if they look familiar because I've already shown you... So with that little secret disclosed, please excuse me if you've seen these before. I thought about just deleting them all but they're just too pretty for you to miss out on simply because I'm disorganised! So here they are - possibly for the second time - a lovely little collection of kids white rooms...

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  1. Can I just say I LOVE all of these! The great thing about all that white is how it makes the colors pop. Calm and energized at the same time. Thanks for sharing.


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