Before & After: My Stunning Sage Sideboard

The transformation I'm about to show you is a Relov'd number that has just been sold. She took a long time to complete and with her goes a little piece of my heart....

I bought this piece on eBay what seems like ages ago now. She sat on my verandah for a while before I gathered the motivation to tackle her. I love taking on these 70s style orange disasters. They give such a sense of gratification when they're finished as the transformation is always dramatic and positive. 

I sanded and then painted every square inch of her in a delicious shade of sage green called Globe Artichoke by Taubmans. Dulux also do a similar shade called Robinhood but I prefer the Taubmans tint. Her drawer fronts and interiors were covered in a Porters Wallpaper designed by Catherine Martin called Lace in Champagne and the whole lot was finished in a satin clear polyeurathane from Cabots. In hindsight, I wish I'd used a water-based varnish as this one has had an impact on the colour giving it a slightly yellowed hue - not so noticeable on the paintwork but a bit of a disappointing result for the gorgeous wallpaper. Tabitha and I have been using a water-based varnish on our recent pieces and it's so much nicer to use. It has virtually no odour, is much thinner and easier to apply and doesn't leave any yellow cast on your piece - and of course, it's a lot kinder to the environment! Though not as sympathetic to your budget at around 3 times the price of an oil based....

What do you think? Would you like her at yours?
Hopefully I'll have some new pictures arriving in my inbox tonight from our Noosh shoot last week - yup, new Frankie covers are in and they are DI-VINE!!! Can't wait to show you!

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