Magical Watercolours

Ever since I had my boys and the nesting hormones kicked in I've become more and more obsessed with art in my home. A framed piece on the wall can add so much personality to a room. And don't be fooled into thinking an artwork has to be a painting in a frame behind glass either - it can be anything you want it to be. 

I love the look of collections mounted in box frames. My husbands grandmother passed onto us some gorgeous treasures she collected throughout her life including these beautiful bone handled knives - they're way too pretty to use these days (plus I'd be terrified they'd end up in the dishwasher!) and make such a lovely reminder of her in our home.

Even ceiling roses look fantastic painted in gelato hues and hung on the wall...

Something though that my interest in and love for has never waned is watercolours. Aside from being very on-trend right now, it can be a spectacular medium when used well and always provides a sense of calm. Take a look at these little lovelies I found. I'm wishing for one of them to turn up in my stocking this christmas...

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