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Isn't this a clever idea? Even on the sunniest of days I sometimes struggle to get the boys engaged in an activity outdoors. It's a constant tug of war between me and the TV and on occassion it's come to removing the plug from the wall to get them off the sofa to enjoy a spring weekend in the garden.

The thing I like most about this is you can clean it with a quick spray of the hose when you're watering and it provides a lovely backdrop to the vibrant greens of the garden in the warmer months.

There's only one thing you need to keep in mind - and that's what material you choose to create your blackboard from. The usual suspects we'd go to for an indoor blackboard solution simply aren't going to cut it in an outdoor environment - any water near MDF, masonite or ply will spell a very premature end to your lovely new art spot. 

But there is a solution. It's called villaboard (also known as blueboard or cement sheeting) and it's perfect for outdoors. People often use it for garden features (like screens etc) and it'll work a treat with a coat of blackboard paint for the kiddos. Look for Blueboard on eBay for a good deal and you can just buy one - or most good hardware stores will have it too....

Don't forget too that you don't have to have a black blackboard.... Sibella Court has done a whole range of gorgeous blackboard paint colours for Society Inc through Murobond which you can get here.

Wouldn't some of those look great out the back? And if you're feeling creative, mix up your own! Imagine that Cherry Nose with a little extra Farrier mixed in to give it more depth... Or if you're feeling really creative, there are loads of chalkboard paint recipes all over pinterest, why not have a go at mixing one up from scratch?

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