Nina Proudman - Steal her style

If you cast your mind back to here a few weeks ago when we were talking pressed metal panels and their many uses - inspired by Sophie & Dale - you might also remember my confession that Offspring is yet another of my favourite places to visit in TV land. Soooo, you can imagine my oohs and ahhs when I came across Wee Birdy's post yesterday Get the look of Nina's apartment from Offspring! Rebecca (aka Wee Birdy) has absolutely nailed this one. Even down to the candles... Pictures below, but you have to hop over here for the lowdown of where to actually get it (because as much as I wish I'd thought of it myself, I didn't - WB did...)

AND.... if Nina's interior style isn't enough to satisfy, you can hop over to Styling You for Nikki's tips on her wardrobe as well! Seriously impressive - you can pick up a virtual shopping list of the outfits worn by Nina each episode with links to the stores... Which brings me to a question - if Nina's boots (that I have coveted all season) happened to be available, in my size, half price, with free shipping - AND the style was even called Tina (seriously) - wouldn't you say I needed to buy them? It's a sign right?

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