Cure for the common cold

...okay okay, maybe not a "cure", but it'll definitely make you feel better.

I found this hack over at Frugal by Choice and it's gold people, gold. FBC call them "Vicks Vapour Disc Thingys". Throw one on the shower floor while you're in there and let the vapours clear you up in an instant. They'd be great for croupe and chesty coughs as well! And as our entire house is filled with coughing spluttering males at the moment they'll be beyond useful... (The fact that it was I who brought the lurgy into the house shall now be overlooked). Interstingly, I've noticed that the older the male, the more intense the symptoms - or at least the louder the moaning... These little gems will work a treat at shower time! Hop over here for the recipe and instructions - and be sure to read through the comments section for extra tips and tricks.

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  1. Oh thank you thank you! I've been putting my little one in the shower several times a day as she has a nasty head cold. This sounds like just the biscuit!


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