10 awesome cheap iPhone apps for kids

If you were one the peeps who loved the 10 FREE iPhone apps for kids a couple of weeks ago, you're going to love this one just as much. Whilst the apps featured in todays list come at a cost, the outlay is minimal (under a buck in most instances), and the enjoyment is huge! So have a look and try them out!

Design and build your very own Robot creation! This app has a great interface that the kids will love with loads of vintage styled Robot "bits" to build with, all in kid friendly high colour. Once your guy is built, lead him through a game by following the arrows collecting stars along the way. The games are short and lead you back to building new robots which is great because that seems to be the favourite part of the game!

Guide your bandit through different levels recovering all the worlds clocks that have been stolen by Duke Clockface. The game plays a catchy little riff that the player has to tap the screen to the beat of to make the bandit move. We love this game and it's a great tool to teach kids rhythm and timing.

The whole Monkey series are winners with our boys. Monkey Maths teaches basic addition and subtraction for preschoolers. An excellent game for the 3-5s...

Another one for the 3-5 year age group, AniMatch is a touch screen version of the old fashioned game of Memory. With a screen full of turned down cards, the user turns cards over by touching them on the screen two at a time trying to find pairs. The illsutrations are all of stylized animals that make the appropriate animal sound when turned over. As the pairs are found, the cards do a funky "dance" and disappear until all pairs have been found. Very simple in it's theory and even easier for little ones to use.

Great little learning game for 4-7 year olds. It covers off the basics of spelling, phonics and mathematical problems. The user creates an "account" and is rewarded with game coins for their efforts which they can "spend" in the "game store" to buy stickers and create pictures. An excellent reward based game that doesn't only teach kids the basic Kindy stuff but gets them familiar with saving and spending money as well.

Similar to Monkey Maths in it's design, this one focuses on food. Match pairs, group fruits in colours, alphabet activities, counting games, shape recognition and more. After every 3 activities the child is rewarded with a virtual sticker to stick on their canvas..

Is there anyone who doesn't love Peppa? I know my boys adore her and her funny family and even I burst into fits of giggles every time they fall on their backs laughing and snorting! This game has lots of that. Make Peppa jump in muddy puddles (her favourite pastime) and help the happy chicken sort her brood by dragging the baby chickens to the right coloured hen house. With a few games within the game, this one has had good longevity for us and is still a favourite after months of use.

When the thought of hitting the kitchen with messy preschoolers to bake and decorate cakes is just too much to bear, pass them the phone and they can play a virtual game of cake making where they can mix, shape, bake and decorate cakey masterpieces.

This one is created by Duck Duck Moose - Check out their other apps as well. They are all around the same price but seem to be worth it generally. We've got Wheels on the Bus and the kids love that, and Fish School looks great too...

A great one for the boys! With a huge palette of car, truck and bike bodies to choose from, kids can pimp out their ride however they like - they can even add propellors to fire engines to get them to the fire in a hurry! Once they finish their machine, drive it to the garage and keep it safe for future use.


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