My top 5 organisers for 2012

It's that time of year when we start thinking about a diary for next year and I know I'm not going to be alone when I declare that next year is going to be my year of being organised. Not just any kind of organised but super-organised. We have to be don't we? For me, balancing NooshLoves, Noosh, my job at Home Beautiful, freelance design clients I look after from my home studio, two rug rats and everything else is a major challenge. As we draw near to a diaryless 2011 I'm starting to feel a bit like I'm being swallowed by my mental list of things to do. A great organiser for next year is definitely required so I've been researching, and, as always, I'm sharing my newfound knowledge. Most of these are designed for us heroic type mums who have way too much to do. So here we go...

Amazing! It has month tabs, lots of colour, customisable covers, clear plastic pockets... the only thing it doesn't do is lodge your tax return. The video has sold me - this ones on the shortlist for sure.

It even has it's own video on You Tube (below)!

2. Delfonics Etoffe - $59
This one had me at yellow waxed canvas cover but it was the zippered front cover pouch that tipped me over the edge. The waxy finish on the cover should be good protection from messy fingers and that pouch would be great for receipts. Delfonics is the premium Japanese stationery brand and we all know that means an outstanding level in quality and functional design. Another one for my shortlist - it's available from here

3. The Masterplan - $39.95
This one has been designed by a group of Australian mums who know first-hand what a woman needs in a great organiser. It's currently listed as sold out at NoteMaker which may be indicative of its usefulness, but will be back in stock again soon. Love the Fuschia cover.. Get it here.

This one isn't the sexiest of the bunch but it sure looks like a practical little number. I like the button tab to keep it all safely closed and tidy when it's kicking around in the bottom of the bag. Again, it's an Aussie brand so there's another big tick there.

OTi is an acronym for On To it! This was one of the last ones I found and it's on my shortlist too. It's attractive enough to bear looking at for a year - but it's what's inside that got me. This thing has everything - a weekly exercise planner, a weekly menu planner, a party planner, refillable sticky notes, weekly to do lists, people to call lists, a removable contacts list, pockets for loose papers, a wipeable cover, it's own pen (that i'll probably lose by mid january but it's a nice idea), a favourite websites section and event planner! Hmmm. Oh, and it's another Aussie brand and eco friendly printed on chemical free paper from sustainable forests. This diary has everything but the halo it deserves.... Get it here.
For me it's either 1, 2 or 5. What do you think?


  1. I love the Delfonics one! I also just found this one which has a week planner and a month planner visible from the same opening. I hope this doesn't make your choice more difficult!

  2. Ooooh, nice find Rachel! I love the concept of that one. Now I'm choosing between it, the Erin Condren, the OTi and the Delfonics. I'm dazzled by the Erin Condren one but I think the Etsy find or the OTi might be more sensible... Curses to my indecision!

  3. I have had the Masterplan for the last 3 years and it is good.... but now that I have seen number 2... I think I might be ready for a change! x


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