Homemade christmas gift #5

Eeeek! It's going so fast! We're down to 6 weeks left. Naturally, it's already happening. Spiralling into christmas disorganisation... Here's #5 in our series of Handmade Christmas gift ideas the kids can do! It's a really pretty one and best of all it warrants a trip to the beach!

Gorgeous isn't it? Most families have a jar of shells lurking around the place somewhere don't they? Or is that just me and my hoarding tendancies? If not, off to the beach with you! 
I love that this design incorporates using buttons and beads as well. I think that gives the chimes a lovely individual feel. The process of threading everything is so good for the kiddos dexterity and fine motor skills too, and I was recently reading a piece about trying to boost these types of activities for school readiness to strengthen little fingers in preparation for all that writing they'll be doing - so this ones a definite must for us. For the full tutorial skip over here to home sweet homemade.

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  1. This is my favourite yet! Definitely making one for Grandma and Grandpa to hang at the beach house!!! x


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