Homemade christmas gift #4

We're down to 7 weeks people... ouch!
This weeks inspirational homemade gift idea is a double-edged sword of sorts as it is not just a good craft project for gifting but also a good lesson in colour theory for the kiddos.
Looks great doesn't it? Would you believe it's a bunch of paint chips cut into triangles? Free art! Okay, so you'll need to buy a frame to put it in - but the art is free! And you can colour match to the decor of the receiver, or let the kids go wild at Bunnings and choose their favourite colours (which I do even without a project in mind... sorry Bunnings).

Hop over here for the full tutorial and make sure you read the comments section on the tutorial for all the measurements if you need those too. I've already stolen a very thick wad of swatches and my Ikea Ribba frames - all ready to go. Will show you the results. x

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  1. In the course of this renovation we have made... oh around, 7438 visits to Bunnings. Thank goodness for the playground, kids shopping trolleys, craft table, sausage stand and most importantly the paint swatch section!!!!! We must have 100s of those swatches floating around, the boys LOVE them... now I know what to do with them! Genius!!! Off to Ikea for some frames. xx


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