Homemade christmas gifts #6 & #7

Well we're down to 4 weeks to go till christmas as of today! And to make up for my complete and utter slackness last week in not posting project #6, this week you get #6 and #7. That'll keep you busy!

#6. Blackboard painted herb pots.
This project is a double whammy of sorts because it's two projects in one and the kids can do both of them with a little help from a grown up. It's a pretty straightforward masking tape and paint project but if you want the instructions hop over here. And when you're using potting soil around the kiddos make sure they wear gloves and don't inhale or eat any of the potting mix...

#7. Fridge magnets
So cute and really easy to make. Some flat bottomed glass craft beads, glue and maps is all you need! Imagine a set of them them wrapped in a lovely box filled with tissue paper... Hop over here for the tutorial. 

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  1. Gorgeous ideas yet again! Especially love the fridge magnets! x


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