Clean, white and ultra modern

I'm not sure if it was the Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair that won me over with this room, or perhaps it was the super-cool rocket wall mural, but this clean white palette (which I know would make me crazy with 2 messy boys) just makes me feel so calm. I want to stare at this room all day! It's a great design for a nursery space (how could a baby be anything but a great sleeper in here with all the beautiful natural light?) and practical in the sense that if they can't run around yet, they can't really make too much of a mess of the whiteness right? I love this room so much aesthetically it makes me not even care about the impracticality of it (but I can see my husband shaking his head and rolling his eyes at me for that comment from here). 
I do need that world map feature wall in the second shot though - it makes my heart skip a beat! I'll stop gushing about the decor now and let you enjoy the room.

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