YOU are going love THIS!

Like it? I love it. Would you believe the boys did this? Ah yes, they're a talented pair! Let me tell you how... I found this idea over at Modern Parents Messy Kids. It's an oldie but a goodie and if you Google milk food colouring experiment you'll get millions of hits with You Tube tutorials and the like... However, you don't need any of that because you have me!
All you need is a baking tray, full cream milk (full cream works better than other varieties for some scientific reason I don't understand), food colouring, dishwashing liquid and toothpicks. Simply pour milk into your baking dish to a depth of a couple of centimetres, drip in a few drops of each colour food colouring you want to use around the dish, dip your toothpick in dishwashing liquid and start moving the toothpick through the milk. The dishsoap reacts with the colour and makes it radiate away from your toothpick creating these amazing marble patterns.
Now sadly I didn't realise this was going to be as awesome as it turned out to be and only had my iPhone on hand for a shot, but let me assure you that this is one activity that will be repeated at our place and next time I'll have the proper camera ready to get a good picture. Reason? Well, I think this will look amazing on my living room wall. Officeworks do huge prints for pretty reasonable prices and I'd like to mount a print of one of these onto board to hang on our wall. I figure it'll make me happy to have a lovely splash of colour to look at and it'll give the boys a kick to see their very own creation so big on display. I'll post a pic when it's up (but be patient, I'm not super quick at these things...).

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  1. I only just did this with my son on Wednesday! Think he was a bit to young to appreciate it (he's 2).....but he had a great time.....until he knocked it everywhere including onto himself!


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