Grey & Yellow nursery crush

One of my favourite colour combinations ever. I can't imagine ever looking back on this style and thinking "I can't believe we all thought that looked good!" because it really does! Sooooo good... Especially with so many pretty details to be inspired by.
Gorgeous little puffy clouds make a bare wall so lovely, and the slate! Does it say "crawling soon!"? That's cute.

Mismatched drawer pulls are a sweet detail for a child's room. Though I think it might make me a little crazy and bring out my worst OCD tendancies for things matching.... The goodnight sign over the door is definitely worth remembering and I love the elephant artwork...

Cute details are what makes this room.

And that ruffled quilt is just to die for! I want one in KING size...


  1. Where did you find the "I am a child of God" print? Was it purchased or DIY? Love it!


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