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One of my favourite, under-utilised elements of my home is it's bay window. The house itself is a 1940s semi, and apart from this one redeeming feature at the front of the house, it's street appeal is rather "unappealing". So, what with all this building and upcycling I've been immersing myself in of late, I'm finding the itch to develop this corner into a more attractive and useful spot more and more difficult not to scratch.

Here are 3 stunning bay window seats that I'm drawing inspiration from. Mine is more like pictures 1&3 with the angled side panel windows rather than a squared cove which in my mind makes the job a bit harder, but slowly I'm feeling more confident about tackling the project, and have even downloaded some plans to build it. What I'm wondering though, is what's the best approach to using as a storage area? Should the top have a lifting lid under the cushion? Or should it have drawers accessible from the front? Or cupboards? I'd love to hear if you have one and what you love/hate about it most so I can design and hopefully build the best window seat possible. I mean, after all, this is no small project. If I'm going to tackle it, I want it to be perfect and arm myself with all of your experience... So... Tips people?

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  1. Ive never had a bay window seat before, but I wish I could! They look so whimsical and beutuful. I always wanted one when I was little. Hmmmm....perhaps the next house. Anyway, just from dreaming upon it, I think that drawers would be the most useful storage option. You don't need to lift the cushions up to access it and you don't need to reach in as you would with a cupboard. You also have further opportunity to style it by choosing the drawer-front profile and handles. But really, it's up to you :)



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