The Block 2012 - More genius from our fave couple

I gasped when I heard what they had planned. Truly. Gasped. 
I just adore this pair. (Noticed much?)
And at first when Ch9 started flashing up that preview of the judges scores, I felt uber confident that D&S had it in the bag.
Until I saw Dan and Dani's bathroom progress that is...
Those tiles look amazing. Though personally I would have used black or grey grout.
I soooooo hope they don't win. I suspect they wil. Dani was looking pretty smug on tonights ad.
We're almost at the end of the road friends!
What do you think of the grass on the ceiling?
What do you think of D&Ds bathroom?
Who do you think will take out the 10K off reserve?
How will we all cope next week with no Block?


  1. When I saw this room last night I was saying quite loudly "HOW AWESOME IS THAT!" Dh and I were both impressed. such a simple idea but man that would blow a kids mind! My son is only 6 months so not going to wreck the ceiling but it's definitely made me rethink our plans for when he is older and can be involved in the process!

    I'm hoping dale and sophie win it all. They are excellent designers and have always been ahead of the pack!

  2. Can you PLEASE sign up to Twitter Noosh lady so you can "live tweet" the final days?! xx

    1. I love it! I do have a twitter acct. If I can remember the password I'll let you know and be online for the auction.... fun!


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