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So sad that some of the smartest people in the world don't last in the world long enough to make the difference we really need.

Tuesday Tour: The room and the rest

Today's tour is from Germany and it's a goodie. The kids room is packed with awesome storage and organisational ideas, including platforms that conceal huge drawers, and zoned levels for sleep, play and study. The whole design is genius and could be applied to any room in the house.

The room.

and another room...

And the rest of the house is pretty sweet too. With everything from a gorgeous grey palette and lots of natural materials, to even more fantastic storage solutions, beautiful decor ideas and generally haemorrhaging style.... I think I love this house. Check out the master bathroom (behind the glass wall is a (gasp) walk-through shower!). Love.

The rest...

Hop over here for more pics of the house...

Kids wallpapers like you dream of....

Imagine if you could buy wallpaper as a custom mural for a feature wall with an all-over pattern to match for the other walls.... Well imagine no more, Tres Tintas in Barcelona can do just that!

This Carousel design is my personal favourite but there are loads more to choose from including Lost Planets and TeePees... And in case you're wondering, they're really reasonably priced! 

Homemade christmas gift #5

Eeeek! It's going so fast! We're down to 6 weeks left. Naturally, it's already happening. Spiralling into christmas disorganisation... Here's #5 in our series of Handmade Christmas gift ideas the kids can do! It's a really pretty one and best of all it warrants a trip to the beach!

Gorgeous isn't it? Most families have a jar of shells lurking around the place somewhere don't they? Or is that just me and my hoarding tendancies? If not, off to the beach with you! 
I love that this design incorporates using buttons and beads as well. I think that gives the chimes a lovely individual feel. The process of threading everything is so good for the kiddos dexterity and fine motor skills too, and I was recently reading a piece about trying to boost these types of activities for school readiness to strengthen little fingers in preparation for all that writing they'll be doing - so this ones a definite must for us. For the full tutorial skip over here to home sweet homemade.

7 stylish toy storage ideas

Gorgeous rooms ahead! And all cleverly organised with beautiful storage ideas. Look out for the stunning wall art on the last shot too.

Clean, white and ultra modern

I'm not sure if it was the Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair that won me over with this room, or perhaps it was the super-cool rocket wall mural, but this clean white palette (which I know would make me crazy with 2 messy boys) just makes me feel so calm. I want to stare at this room all day! It's a great design for a nursery space (how could a baby be anything but a great sleeper in here with all the beautiful natural light?) and practical in the sense that if they can't run around yet, they can't really make too much of a mess of the whiteness right? I love this room so much aesthetically it makes me not even care about the impracticality of it (but I can see my husband shaking his head and rolling his eyes at me for that comment from here). 
I do need that world map feature wall in the second shot though - it makes my heart skip a beat! I'll stop gushing about the decor now and let you enjoy the room.

Tuesday Tour: The room and the rest

The room.

The rest...

6 x dreamy eclectic kids rooms

Nobody with any real design sense ever said that everything must match. It's often the rooms that don't conform strictly to any one look that have the most personality and work the best!

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