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A special treat today as this post comes courtesy of Jenn from the fabulous interiors inspiration blog Arcadian Home Decor! Hope you enjoy it while I enjoy a day off! Thanks Jenn! Take it away....

Hiya! I'm Jenn and I write for Arcadian Home Decor, an e-commerce website that specializes in top home decor ideas and trends from across the globe. As a kid I was always rearranging my bedroom furniture, and today I drive my husband nuts with my home decor ideas and addiction to buying home accessories, table decor, and more. I also love interior design websites that inspire readers, like noosh loves..., which will be my go-to site when I finally jump on the baby bandwagon. I'm very excited to be writing here today - thanks for this opportunity Tina!

While it's true that a lot of children's rooms are outfitted in bold colours in a more traditional way, kids spaces with an industrial twist are all the rage right now as families choose simple lines and modern furniture to dress up bedrooms, nurseries, and playrooms. Here are eight kids spaces with an industrial twist.

1. Fab floating furniture
Kids Industrial Room
This unusual bunk bed is very contemporary and appears to "float" at the top of the room - it frees up the area underneath for an activity table and more.

2. Gorgeous play space
Kids Industrial Room
This incredible playroom has everything little ones need for hours of fun - located in the top of a loft, the mulit-level industrial space also features built-ins and modern wall art.

3. Up on the roof
Kids Industrial Room
The rooftop great room seen here is ideal for a busy family and can accommodate everyone - there's a living room, table, clothing storage, and much more. The slanted ceiling gives it all an industrial twist.

4. Creating a cozy nook
Kids Industrial Room
An industrial space with exposed pipes, brick, and cement may not seem like the cosiest area for a new baby, but this freestanding wall adds instant intimacy to the baby room along with the wall decor.

5. Indoor playground
Kids Industrial Room
Kids spaces with an industrial twist allow for more whimsy - here, this little girl's bedroom also has a ladder and a globe swing suspended from the wood rafters.

6. Built-ins and mod furniture
Kids Industrial Room
This little one's bedroom can grow with her, as the space boasts some great transitional (and modern) pieces like cubbies and great avant-garde furniture. The ladder is a fun touch.

7. Big-boy room
Kids Industrial Room
Kids spaces with an industrial twist often have architectural details that can be found in their grown-up counterparts, like tall windows and a slanted ceiling.

8. Beautiful balcony
Kids Industrial Room
An open-concept room with an exposed balcony screams industrial chic, and is great for numerous kids who are sharing one larger space.
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